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Commercial Electrical Installations and Restaurants

 RSA Bardo Electrical Systems (Pty) Ltd specializes in Commercial electrical installations, maintenance, lighting, fault finding, UPS installations, and generator installations and maintenance. We also do infra red surveys, call centers, and automation.

We work closely with General Contractors, Engineers, to deliver on time the electrical project. From Corporate Companies to smaller businesses we offer electrical design, lighting design and automation services.

All work undertaken conforms to SANS 10142-1 and the customer / facilities manager will be presented with the Certificate of Compliance and an Electrical Schematic Drawing if necessary.

RSA Bardo Electrical Systems (Pty) Ltd also provides an energy audit service. 

A Power Analyser will be installed on the load side of the installation, and will gather information for normally 3 - 7 days; depending on the work force at the commercial site.

The power analyser is a complete three-phase troubleshooting tool: measures virtually every power system parameter: voltage, current, frequency, power, power consumption (energy), unbalance and flicker, harmonics and inter-harmonics. 

Captures events like dips and swells, transients, interruptions and rapid voltage changes.

We will then be able to present our findings and what we recommend to rectify the problem at hand. This is when Power Factor Correction may also be looked into. A

lso to reduce the current drawn, LED lighting, Occupancy Sensors and balancing the load will mentioned in the final report.

Below: Typical Electrical Drawing showing the lighting design.

Restaurants : Electrical

There are three aspects involved when working with Restaurants. 

Installations: New Equipment, New Lighting, Extensions

Electrical Installations to Restaurants require attention to details,and safety, while taking into consideration that ambiance and efficiency is also very important.

New Lighting (LED) can create a hole new "wow factor" and can potentially draw in customers. 

Maintenance: To old electrical circuits. Industrial Catering Equipment can draw alot of current, especially cooking equipment.
With our experience, many of the circuit breakers and isolators supply power to the cooking equipment can take alot of stress under the working conditions, and often fail at the worst possible time, when maximum demand is being drawn.

Emergency Repairs: With our 24 Hour Service, our Teams are ready to react efficient and quickly, locating the fault; isolating it and then repairing the problem. If further work needs to be undertaken, we will return the following day.

Wiring Regulations pertaining to Distribution Boards in the same area as cooking appliances. These appliances are also termed "Fixed Appliances".

A distribution board shall not be mounted above a fixed cooking appliance or in a position where a cooking appliance could be put below it, unless the enclosure provides a degree of protection of at least IP44, or:
within a radius of 1 m from a water tap or valve (in the same room), unless the enclosure provides a degree of protection of at least IP44.